Destiny 1 is a dating app that uses the ancient sciences of Astrology & Numerology as algorithms to help you find your mate, as well as a "NEW" concept in match making called "Destiny Pairing." All while saving you time, energy, and money.

Destiny 1 is a company being organized to develop a software application for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearable computers. The company will engage in mobile function development, which is the process of developing solutions for the growing market of advanced mobile devices. The app to be developed will enable mobile device owners to accomplish, finding your destiny pairing mate using astrology and numerology algorithms. The mobile app market is vast and very active, and it shows no indications of slowing down in terms of growth. By 2017, it’s expected that over 268 billion downloads will generate $77 billion worth of revenue. The company intends to carve into this market and in doing so yield revenue and profits as detailed in our business plan by monetizing its app.

The mobile app that is planned to be launched will be developed with the intention of being interesting and useful to the many users in the market segment targeted. “Destiny 1” will provide function and innovation with the app. The goal in this sense is to tap into the vast potential of modern mobile devices so that owners can experience their functionality to the highest level. The company intends for its app to become a leading mobile app at a global level and will accomplish this with a strong social media marketing (SMM) campaign and proven online advertising methods that will be explained in detail in the marketing section of our plan.

A strong management team is in place to execute on the business plan. The intellectual property the founder(s) bring to the company is significant. Ideas and concepts for the app have been developed. Initial research and development has been carried out and the results point to the acceptance and adoption of the app.

Destiny Mate i.e. Twin Flames

It is believed that in the beginning, you were created with two complete souls-one masculine and the other feminine. This means that out there, there is someone who is energetically part of you and your soul never stops to look for the other half.

Twin flames are the strongest bond between couples and when you meet them, you are likely to stick together forever. This is a deeper connection than soul mates who maybe in your heart forever but not physically. This type of relationship is so powerful that it becomes what defines you and it is an inspiration to other people to find their own destiny mate.

Signs That You Have Met Your Destiny mate

  • You feel a complete feeling of oneness.
  • There is a deep trust and acceptance of the other.
  • Love at first sight though this might not often be the case.
  • You look similar in appearance.
  • Have similar tastes and in most cases, exactly the same.
  • You get to know yourself better and your worries and fears disappear.
  • You both have your body and mind strengthened and share unbreakable bonds.

With the above information, you are going to date knowing who you are dating and what type of a person you need to avoid. Both soul mate and twin flame are good relationships but it is advisable that you avoid marrying your karmic partner because it could mean days of unhappiness. To meet your destiny mate, love yourself more and let the other partner find you whole.

Ensure that you know what you need in the other partner, write it down if you have to and work towards achieving that. Note that, your relationships especially karmic relationship does not have to be with someone from the other gender. It could be your friend or even a close relative. May you find your soul mate or better still your twin flame.

“I have also found that an intimate knowledge of the latent strengths and weaknesses inherent within ones birth chart can & does significantly improve one’s chances of realizing their highest destiny.”-Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson

Destiny 1, not just another dating app, but a match made in heaven.

Here are some destiny pairing, power couples;

Michelle & Barack, Khadijah & Louis Farrakhan, Beyonce’ & JZ, Hillary & Bill, Tina & Ike, etc.


Numerology is perhaps the oldest science known to man. It is based on real numbers & mathematical principals.When you study numerology the question of whether or not your fate is predetermined by the numerological elements in your birth chart often comes up.

Predetermination is a huge issue when it comes to all systems of prediction and character analysis, and like many of these intuitiveInterpretative systems, numerology can quite often be used much like an oracle.


Astrology is one of the oldest sciences known to man. Every major newspaper carries an astrology section and millions of people follow their horoscopes on a daily basis. Research has shown that more people know their sun sign than know their own blood type. Today presidents of countries, Fortune 500 executives, movie stars, health professionals, and millions of individuals from many walks of life regularly consult astrologers in order to gain greater insight into their lives.

Soul Mate:

A soul mate: Is more love related.

Destiny Mate:

Destiny pairing is when your partner has the energy you need to fulfill your best karma. You can’t fulfill your best karma without your destiny pairing mate. Your consciousness needs the energy of the right mate, to manifest right in your life.

“One of the scariest things a person can face is when they face their destiny.”–Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson

About Darrell Muhammad-EL

As an Entrepreneur, Darrell has decades of extraordinary experience. As a child, a seed of entrepreneurial spirit was planted in him. This seed was planted by his father Raymond, who owned and managed several businesses throughout the city of Washington D.C.. Those business included a restaurant, a night club, and numerous firework stands. In 1984, Darrell joined the Nation of Islam. For seven of the best years of his life, he participated in the Economic Program of Elijah Muhammad. By 1995, Darrell used the entrepreneur skills he learned from his father and Mr. Muhammad at the Million Man March. There, he was able to earn $10,000 in 1 day, after selling his own designed and printed t-shirts.

Soon after, in 1997, Darrell earned an Internship at Motown/Mojazz Records. Soon, he was promoted to Production Assistant and was given the opportunity to work with artist, Pharez Witted, Waymond Tisdale, Roy Hargrove, Diana Ross and others. From 2000 to 2001, he worked as a Promoter for Background Records, where he promoted artist Timberland, Magoo, Tank, and Aaliyah. Incorporating his entrepreneur skills into his work, Darrell created a talent show, which was cosponsored by Motown and his own company, Shadi Productions. The show was so successful that Motown offered Darrell the opportunity to produce a weekly talent showcase. Once the Internship with Motown ended, Darrell went on to create Anext Level Entertainment. The company focuses on promotion & marketing of major recording artist, athletes and events. It has allowed him to managed 25 marketing representatives, in 3 different states. His work with this company was soon noticed by The DuVernay Agency, Haqq Islam, CD Enterprises, Gerald Scott, University and Interscope Records. This attention allowed him to promote several popular movies and artist such as Training Day, Queen of The Dammed, Mya, Dru Hill and many others.

Outside of his work in the Music Industry, Darrell is also an avid writer and has created several Reality TV shows for his production company, Greenna Streets. He holds certification in Marketing, Sponsorship Marketing, Grant Proposal Writing, and is an Aboriginal Indigenous Jurist Doctor of law. Back in 2001, Darrell began researching spirituality. Under the guidance of his Godfathers and spiritual Master Teacher Dr. Elmer Glover & Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson, his enthusiasm for spirituality inspired him to become a Spiritual Adept. As a true entrepreneur, Darrell is a man of many talents and experiences. His drive for success has made it possible for him to own businesses, work with media superstars, and even guide others to spiritual growth. His life is an inspiration to others, and is accomplishments are a true testament that hard work and dedication does pay off.